Take a trip inside us, often leads us to suffer. Let regret, we see the mistakes and failures, re-read an experience that often we do not like.However, the path is required if you want to get into the focus of our lives and in contact with the divine spark, the heart, the foundation of life.And this path leads to the discovery of BE ONE with the CREATOR.

God in every being is “one.”There is no duality, division, are not you and I, divided, how on earth are accustomed to thinking. We are united to Him who is. There is no separation. Here is our true nature. We are in His image.And with him we live forever, forever, in every heartbeat of our being. And with HIM we live in creation, in every throb of Nature.And the Creator ‘in the creature, is what generates it, and that the soul in all its cells.And ‘the primal spark, the divine, that every soul is the substantial input that lasts, does not end, not the end.

Living and dying in a body, is a stretch of road. It ends only a biological cycle in the earthly body, in the body that belongs to matter. Ends that body but endures the Other. The robe divine, the spark dies, it CAN NOT ‘die.The ABSOLUTE is in us and we in it. So the Nazarene, Jesus spoke to us, has revealed this truth.”Whoever sees me sees the Father”He told us, and then”No one comes to the Father except through me.”He was the Prime, the implementer of a street, the one that gave us the key to open a door.
There has revealed the Truth. E ‘was the model sent by the Father so we all knew this truth.HE knew how “to be IN the Father and the Father in Him.”The One called to start and after HIM … all others.We read your message in a new way, more total and absolute.Let us understand that God has elected some exclusion of others.God elects all of us, summons her, everyone, without distinction.It does not make choices or privileges.We are all favorites.Its always spark burns within us and in Tuttuno with HimWe say “HE” because we think Father. On land apply the two sexes, but the Father is also the Mother.
There is no sex in the Creator. HE is the ALL and He is our all.Words often deceive us. Are limiting.Acquire full awareness of being creatures of God and possess the divine spark in us should make us happy. Happiness is to know that we are not alone but belong to another dimension, to a larger family, boundless, which is beyond our reason.The happiness of knowing that we are loved and always: beautiful, ugly, good and bad.The happiness of those who really know you can count on and that you can be the architect of your own change.The happiness that makes you feel part of a grand design that is life but also over the same. You are beyond the boundaries of what really SEI.If you know this, if you really acquire this certainty within yourself, you will be really happy.

Earthly happiness is made of small moments, is never absolute, is ALWAYS relative.True happiness comes from and goes through the full assurance of our membership in Heaven, the Kingdom that Jesus, the Nazarene, has announced.It ‘s the perfect joy of Francis, Francis of Assisi.We learn from him …He had clearly understood the message of Jesus and made ​​him his … but from within himself.It always starts from within. It must start from within ourselves if we want to change things outside of us.

When we are unhappy, disappointed, often afflicted, it is for reasons determined by our own will, a will that also acts on an unconscious level.Often we are the architects of our misery.So how can we do? What remedy comes to us from on high?Well, we are told that through the practice of love and true compassion, aware of our belonging to Heaven, we can change our world, our inner BEFORE THEN what it revolves around.LOVE, then forgiveness, is the ingredient, the cure, the medicine that heals and solves everything.

It means start practicing Love as the only real therapy dictated by malaise stay in this range spatial / temporal, earthly.And ‘the Love that heals really, first inside and then outside, around us.It then becomes the spark blazing fire, like the bush of Moses, as the fire of a new Pentecost, and all around it moves in unison and even the universe will rejoice, and all other universes and all other dimensions where those waiting for help that can quench their thirst at the source of true life.The infinitely large and the infinitely small unite. They are one.And so the “Kingdom of Heaven is already here and now.”Then we will know Heaven already here, and God can speak to us as only he can and CAN ‘do and then, with God, we will open a nice dialogue.