Questa categoria raggruppa gli articoli più interessanti tradotti in lingua inglese.
This category groups the most interesting articles translated into English.

10 Gennaio 2014

The girl in the flower. By Roberto ed Alessia

(testimonial taken by Maria Pia from Rome with the consent of the interested person) This story tells of an extraordinary love, since love, the real one, […]
25 Luglio 2013

Message for a life aware – First audio – video

Hi, I’m Franco, and I’m the creator of this website. There cannot be any spiritual development without self awareness. This sentence is the summary of a […]
24 Luglio 2013

Finding God – Second audio-video

Take a trip inside us, often leads us to suffer. Let regret, we see the mistakes and failures, re-read an experience that often we do not […]
15 Luglio 2013

Lalla’s Story

  We would like to have your attention on a very particular, almost exceptional, picture, because it could represent a concrete “proof” that Life goes on […]