The “old ones” said that, during the birth the new mother sees up above her head the threatening lady with the scythe , at least three times. Science during the years, has almost cancelled the risks, but I had the “fortune” to check out that almost when I was under surgery for a cesarean to have my first baby.
A light dose of anesthetic had been injected me that preceded of an instant the incision. I felt a strong pain and also the doctors’ assistants while they “maneuvered” and the voice of the physician that solicited then to push to let the child out, when I saw in front of me a tube/pipe and in it I found shelter.
I rapidly went through it when suddenly a strong white light , not blinding, appeared in front of me and from which emerged an image that we usually identify in Jesus’s.
I felt good! I was in a state of complete “BEATITUDE”. Jesus put His Hand on my head and he told me to go to my baby. I woke up with a piece of hard bread in my mouth: it was the oxygen’s nozzle! The nurse communicated me that a handsome boy was born. I CAME BACK!