Message for a life aware – First audio – video

Hi, I’m Franco, and I’m the creator of this website.

There cannot be any spiritual development without self awareness.

This sentence is the summary of a message that I’ve received few time ago through my contacts with the afterlife dimension,  and I want to share it with you.

My contacts with the afterlife come from far. Once, I was spending my holidays in a little village with my parents, and I risked to drown  in the Reno river. I was three years old and I have described this experience in the website ‘near death memories of a three years old child’.

Thenceforth my life changed, but at the beginning I didn’t realize it.

During the adolescence,  I started to experience premonitions and visions of future events. It was not easy to accept this kind of experiences, and I didn’t have the possibility to talk to someone about them or to confront myself with someone else.

Sometimes I thought I could go crazy.

Then, as I had predicted, I discovered  my disease and I met a charismatic that saved my life.

After his death, the charismatic still talks to me, comforts me, and gives me his advises.

How? By means of messages that sometimes come straight in my mind.

Few days ago, while I was in a state of calmness and relax, and I was thinking about something else, his powerful and confident voice stated a sentence in my mind, and it was the sentence I cited above:

‘There cannot be any spiritual development without self awareness’.

After those lapidary words, I asked for an explanation, but the voice has just invited me to think about it.

During my search of meanings, I still received help.

The self awareness is the act of experiencing deeply everything that the miracle of creation gives us in every moment.

We don’t have to let ourselves survive, we have to live.

When I became ill, I was 20 years old, and all my plans for the future disappeared. I wanted to die.

The encounter with Don Angelo, the charismatic from Verniana, instilled a new life blood in me and gave me new and unexpected hopes.

Thenceforth my new life started.

I’ve learned to enjoy my life in its easier things. I’ve learned to watch and to smell a flower that blossoms. I’ve learned the pleasure for the little things that our everyday life can offer while we usually are too much distracted. We are often bind and deaf.

Despite all my physical limits, I’ve found again unexpected treasures in my life.

A flower that blossoms, a blade of grass, the birds fly… before I didn’t think about all those things. I used to spend my life mechanically, trying to achieve my plans.

Someone told me that, in a different existential level, I had chosen the self awareness.

Unfortunately the self awareness pass through the pain.

The pain, the separation, a traumatic change in our life can lead us to a new way of being. In our lives, every act would have to be associated with self awareness, we have to live deeply, not outwardly.

The act of eating a fruit would not have to be the mechanic response to a physiological need, but a conscious thought. The fruit is a gift that the nature offers to us, and someone has cultivated and gathered that fruit. This kind of thoughts help us to enjoy more the taste of that fruit. That’s the way we can change a simple act in a self aware effort.

The self awareness is not only the deep sharing of our present, it is also the perception of the breath of life around us and the capacity to listen to the subdued howl of the earth.

But this is the other side of the coin.