One day many years ago, I was driving my car, that at the time was a speedy one, trough a tortuous mountain road full of curve. I was coming back from Ciocco, a small mountain town near Lucca, where I accompanied a friend. I never left the car and as the person got off I departed again. Suddenly, I clearly heard a voice that ordered me “turn off the motor!” when I heard that voice I wasn’t frightened even if I knew to be alone in the car. I tuned off the motor. I waited a bit thinking about the order that I had heard quite well and that I could not understand. I tried to turn the car on many times but unsuccessfully. It was Sunday. I found someone that brought me to a mechanic. The mechanics came and looked at the car and one of the two said to me marveled: “can I ask you something? Why did you stop?” I couldn’t say to him that it was a voice that I heard that told me to turn off the motor. I simply answered that I needed to find the ring’s stone that fell inside the car…the mechanic said: Lady you have someone that protects you UP THERE because if you wouldn’t have stopped you would have finished in the canyon with this car….” The two mechanics screwed my car’s bolts and I departed.