Years ago I had a heart attack and fortunatly, when my heart stopped, I was near Mass’s Hospital with a friend. he brought me to the first aid of the hospital and I cannot say anything else up to the time that I woke up. when my heart stopped I found myself in an immense grassland – it wasn’t a tunnel – and in front of this grassland there was a fence , i opened the gate and entered, at the end of the grassland there was a sun with a great light that gave joy and I begun walking toward that light. going ahead I started to hear voices- but I didn’t see anyone – that told me thing of my home, things that I had done during my life. I found myself, and I remember this as a flash that cannot be described, in switzerland where I worked , in a mine in Belgium where I have been, in Africa where I also have been and through those flashes someone or something was telling me things that I have done during my life.
then I suddenly I saw a shadow that was flying , it touched my shoulder and it said “you must go back”, ” but I don’t want to” I answered, but it said again “you must go back”. I felt its touch, as if it was pulling, pulling me untill I went out a gate. once out the gate I riopend my eyes.
this was my experience that has lasted about half an hour.
but I would like to tell you onother experience that I had. unfortunatly, my 35 years old son died four years ago and despite my experience and despite the fact that I knew that where he is he felt better than me, I always had this anguish in my heart and I have always looked for him, in many ways.
one night I dreamt him. he was with his white dog and I was saying to him “Alessandro, give me a sign that you are here, give me a sign that you are well. I know that you are up there, but give me a sign that you are well. how can I be sure?” he answered me: ” dad I have given you many signs but you haven’t understood them. do you want a material sign? here it is. you know that in the dining room there is a picture that I have done on a computer for your 50th anniversary. from that picture you will receive a sign. in the morning as I woke up I didn’t believe much of what I dreamt. it was just a dream….. about a week later my other son was home with me – the picture that was hanging on the wall suddenly fell. I said to my son: “Mario, put it back to its place. has it broken away?” he took the picture and saw that the hook in the back was detached and then said to me: “look dad, look here…” behind the picture there were two pictures one was Alessandro and the other one was his dog. today those two pictures are hanging on the wall near the other picture.”