15 Luglio 2013

Lalla’s Story

  We would like to have your attention on a very particular, almost exceptional, picture, because it could represent a concrete “proof” that Life goes on […]
15 Luglio 2013

NICOLE’S Story a Providential Stop

One day many years ago, I was driving my car, that at the time was a speedy one, trough a tortuous mountain road full of curve. […]
15 Luglio 2013

G.B. Giovanna’s Story

The “old ones” said that, during the birth the new mother sees up above her head the threatening lady with the scythe , at least three […]
15 Luglio 2013


Years ago I had a heart attack and fortunatly, when my heart stopped, I was near Mass’s Hospital with a friend. he brought me to the […]